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Applying some of our solutions to your home, renovation project or future property will have a dramatic effect, not just on your bills but the appearance and feeling of it. Knowing you have slashed bills (and gone green!) through Solar PV installation is a great step, as everyone with Solar Panels at home will agree.  You could also benefit from our other solutions

  • Battery Storage or Immersion heater control for you Solar PV system.
  • MVHR continuously refreshing the internal environment
  • Install a Charging point for your Electric Car. 
  • Infrared heaters only heating the parts of the house that need it most
  • LED lighting, the most energy efficient and best performing lighting there is!



The next step...

And with our latest addition - Solar Energy Storage with Tesla Powerwall and SolarEdge to cover 90+% of your electricity consumption.  Monitor your home usage, solar production, panel performance, battery power and so much more with the SolarEdge monitoring portal. 

We can also install automatic energy diverter for hot water, heating and air conditioning (even air source heat pumps!) to ensure all excess power is working for you.  The most common energy diverters for immersion heaters usually cover all the hot water usage in a home all summer long.  Providing a decent gas/oil saving as well!  See more information on the energy diverters - here

Being at home in a property that has Solar energy available for use or storage changes how you live in your home.  Contact us today for your next steps or request a call back

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B-Line helping your home

We have a wealth of experience working in domestic properties of all shapes and sizes for homeowners.  With so many domestic projects going on around the country we offer our experience, training and range of solutions to each project in a way that suits the situation specific to the homeowners needs.  We are interesting in the success of the project and the feedback from it.  This way we learn from everyone’s experience and gain better understanding of how our services combine with all other aspects of the project and people’s lives, Ultimately improving our understanding and homes.

Our range of solutions will improve any home, lower bills and future proof.

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OLEV funded charging point for your Electric Car

B-Line Project Services are accredited and authorised to install OLEV funded homecharging for UK homeowners.  This means if you own, are the main driver, or lease (OLEV guidance) an electric vehicle you may be eligible for upto 75% grant funded charge point installation.

EVCP information
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Solar PV

Live in a house with a long term solution to your energy demand. Find out why so many have already installed their system. Find out more >

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Any major renovation and new build should be considering the energy losses and ways to improve the environment of a home. See why MVHR is the answer. Find out more >

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Electrical Heating & Lighting

No need to burn any fossil fuels to heat your property. And your home will feel healthier. LED lighting will dramatically improve your home lighting – a renovation all on its own. Find out more >

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EV charging point

Install a charging point for your Electric or hybrid car at home and receive up to 75% of the costs paid by government grant. find out more >

"I was given facts, not loads of sales talk, and everything was explained in simple terms. The quote covered all areas of generation and a few items which I didn't understand and questioned were answered and explained really well."

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