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Solar PV Installation

Achieve maximum electricity bill savings with added FIT payments to offset the remaining energy costs.  Risk-free energy investment for home, business, or building project. Properties with Solar PV can save £££ on their energy bills and are worth more when sold with the Solar Panels. 

We have handpicked the best available components for long term superior performance, taking care in designing the system to the real world scenario for your best possible future of lower energy running costs.  Your local Solar PV installation company across all property types and sectors.

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Battery Storage - Property energy storage

Energy storage

Storing electricity through Battery energy storage for domestic and commercial uses maximises Solar PV energy consumption.  By storing excess power and using power as required, Solar PV can reach is true potential.  Solar PV Energy storage helps reduce dependency to the grid and importantly energy company's ever increasing prices! 

Why pay more for energy?  If you have Solar PV and consider yourself energy conscious did you know you are potentially wasting 75%+ of the Sun's energy your panels are catching?  If you could make your property run 90% self consumption over the year with minimal paid energy consumption, Wouldn't that be worth considering? 

Tesla Powerwall

Electric or Plug-in Hybrid vehicle Charging Points

B-Line Project Services ltd. Install EV charging points for a range of customers across Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. We provide a variety of charge points; from domestic home charging, commercial charging, fleet charging stations and roadside public access points.

All installers are City and Guilds qualified in Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Specification & Installation.  Understand the installation process - here

Finally, as accredited OLEV grant scheme Chargepoint installers we can install charge points using the government funded grant scheme currently available to cover upto 75% or a maximum of £500.  Install your new charge point at your home for £199!!

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Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR), also known as simply, “Heat Recovery” is the only solution that completely controls the air within a property.  Providing complete control and maximum comfort in all weather conditions with year round large energy savings.  This is why it is widely considered by far the best way to complete a highly energy efficient construction or renovation project.

Many of our installations are in new builds or highly energy efficient renovations across the UK. Providing a one stop ventilation solution for your project. Where the emphasis is on airtightness for lowest energy consumption, MVHR ensures the air quality and comfort in the property is not affected.  This thinking can be applied to other areas such as offices or hotels with significant potential energy savings, comfort and healthier living.

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Electrical Heating & Lighting

Our range of electrical heating and LED lighting experience offers efficient alternatives to conventional heating and lighting for all properties.

We supply and install Infrared heating solutions for homes and businesses.  Far infrared heating offers a healthy and efficient option compared to other heating sources in, for example, an office, hotel or home environment.  Contact us to discuss Far Infrared heating. 

We are often also asked to replace old night storage heaters. Our preferred ultra-modern thermal radiators, picked for their efficient controls and sleek design, provide a solution that can be cheaper to run than night storage or even central heating.  Contact us to discuss Thermal radiators.

Providing LED lighting solutions for lowest possible energy usage, better range of lighting options and more versatile products and installations.  Contact us for a bespoke LED lighting solution for all applications.

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SolarCache - Immersion Heating Controller

The SolarCache uses the excess solar energy you generate to heat your water or other heater. Easily fitted at the same time as the Solar PV installation or retrofitted after, the SolarCache is great way of utilising the excess electricity you generate.


SolarCache measures how much power is flowing through your electricity meter, and in which direction. Only when you are exporting more than 50 Watts does it redirect the power through to the immersion heater or other load connected to a solarcache power throttle. It constantly adjusts so that as your electrical appliances are turned off and on, the minimum power is exported to the National Grid. 


The system is very reasonably priced in comparison to home storage batteries making the SolarCache a great product to compliment your solar PV system and make the most of the electricity you generate and reduce your reliance on buying electricity from the grid. 


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