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Radiant Heat – Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters offer maximum efficiency for space heating.  By heating the materials rather the air, Infrared heating can transform space heating inside and out!

Infrared Heating Panels can also be very discreet in all types of spaces (including outdoors!) as many of the panels are white, slim line and frameless - blending into ceilings or wall space.

Infrared heating provides radiant heat - healthier heat for our bodies and building fabric.  Radiant heat warms the materials in a room unit they are warmer than the air temperature. The floors, walls and objects in a room then radiant the heat (saving energy!).  As the air is not warmed directly it does not take on same moisture content with conventional heating.  This high moisture content is unhealthy for us and the building. 

What does Infrared Heating feel like?

Often this is the first question we are asked when people are considering Infrared Radiant heating.  The best answer is - the Sun.  When you feel the Sun on your skin on a cool day.  We are very used to being Heated by Infrared!

What are the benefits?

As Infrared heat heats up the objects and people in a room rather than the space it is different to virtually all other heating options available.  Some of the benefits of this compared to convection heating are

  • Less energy is required to heat a room. roughly 30W per sq.m rather then conventional 100W per sq.m.
  • Virtually no draughts. The materials in the room are warmed by Infrared so the temperature stays far more constant when cold air is introduced.
  • Cleaner air. Less dust blow around from the convectional air movement.
  • Reducing damp and mould.  The heating will keep the materials in a room warm and so dry.
  • Efficient energy use.  Almost 100% of the electrical energy is converted into heat.
  • No maintenance and long life expectancy as the heaters are solid state.
  • All controllable from centralised point, Smart Phone or laptop.
  • Cheaper to install than the next best alternative – underfloor heating.

Infrared heating is the number one solution for efficient, comfortable space heating without the need for major upfront investment.

We are trained and accredited to specify and install all types of infrared heating to ensure the best possible solution for all our customers.  In our research we have found and partnered with a top manufacturer for expert knowledge and back-up.  Hershel Far Infrared offer the most comprehensive range of quality heaters for all applications. They are also the number 1 source of information for a better understanding of the technology and options available.

Contact us to discuss the property you are looking to heat using efficient radiant heat.

Thermal Radiators

Energy efficient electrical radiators a direct simple direct replacement to night storage and other electrical heaters.  All radiators have highly precise digital thermostat and multiple programmable temperature setting options.  Maximum control on each heater around a property so no energy wasted. 

The technology is split into two types, dry thermal radiators and thermal fluid radiators.  Both use multiple elements for improved electrical usage and temperature control.

Dry thermal are well suited to larger areas as the heat can be intensified to cover larger rooms and are more cost effective in these areas also.

Thermal fluid radiators are similar to a conventional wet radiator from a central heating system.  In the thermal fluid radiators the liquid is specifically picked for its thermal qualities maximising the energy input.  The fluid also spreads the heat evenly across the surface area for even space heating within the room.

Quick installation in many areas of a home or office for a very cost effective installation and future proofing running costs.   Many of our installations of multiple radiators around a whole house can be completed easily within a day including programming and any training needed to use them.


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