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SolarCache - Immersion Heating Controller

The SolarCache uses the excess solar energy you generate to heat your water or other heater. Easily fitted at the same time as the Solar PV installation or retrofitted after, the SolarCache is great way of utilising the excess electricity you generate.


SolarCache measures how much power is flowing through your electricity meter, and in which direction. Only when you are exporting more than 50 Watts does it redirect the power through to the immersion heater or other load connected to a solarcache power throttle. It constantly adjusts so that as your electrical appliances are turned off and on, the minimum power is exported to the National Grid. 


The system is very reasonably priced in comparison to home storage batteries making the SolarCache a great product to compliment your solar PV system and make the most of the electricity you generate and reduce your reliance on buying electricity from the grid. 


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