Future Renewable Smart Efficient


B-Line Project Services, originating from B-Line Electrical, is a family run small business that aims to achieve large goals.  Having offered a range of electrical services for 30 years, we have evolved with the times to become Renewable and Energy Efficiency specialists. 

Through up-to-date training and research, we aim to keep abreast for the most up-to-date technology and offer the products that we truly believe in. 

As we add new products to our range we ensure we are qualified, competent and confident in the associated fields. Be it the more recent technology options of Solar PV storage and accessories, Heat pump technologies, Electric Vehicle Charging or the continual improvements to efficient lighting and heating.

Having also had 20+ years’ experience in larger commercial M&E projects, we are confident in all size opportunities that come our way and therefore believe we can offer any sized project a very competitive and high-quality solution.