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Solar PV - Industrial units

We designed and installed multiple 30kW Solar PV installations across an industrial estate.

The goal for the project was to reduce utility company energy usage across the site. 

The investment return came from the FIT payments and onsite billing the tenants (energy users) for their solar energy use instead of grid consumption.  The client was very keen to ensure maximum solar PV energy consumption onsite for maximum payback and in turn minimum grid disruption. 

We find from experience industrial Solar PV installations, as electrical consumption is very high, the maximum usage of the solar energy and maximum benefit of the energy is often used directly onsite.  Allowing us to negotiate installations for the customer requirements rather than grid providers standard allowances. 

At commissioning stage we worked with UKpower networks to unsure the systems were functioning correctly with the local area grid and they were comfortable with the export potential.  As site wide electrical consumption was fairly high, it was expected the Solar energy would be fully utilised onsite.