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BRE rating, Code for Sustainable Homes and the current Building Regulations are all bringing energy efficiency to the forefront of modern building projects. As home builders, commercial developers or main contractors you need companies that are reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy to ensure the job gets done on time & within budget.

With over 20 years experience working in the construction industry in both Public and Private sectors at a range of sites across the UK, we are confident in our ability to deliver within your project. With a large percentage of our work load from repeat customers on constructions sites, our history and experience in the industry speaks for itself. 

Case studies
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Be ahead of the competition

Our range of services offer a solution for almost every application and project.  While a property’s SAP calculation is being considered, we can offer a cost effective solution that will improve buildings energy efficiency to meet the standards required - using quality components that will benefit sales or rental potential and the eventual owner.

Our experience tells us many developers are looking forward to the future, for added benefits or desirable features to help their reputation.  We have often found our solutions to offer just that, have you considered;

  • A Solar PV installation, solar panels can be used as an offset against the CO2 footprint of a property - Savings to the build and in a SAP calculation.
  • MVHR will make the property feel fresher and last longer, reducing unnecessary callbacks and being up to current building regulation requirements.
  • Adding a EV charging point to your developments to make them more attractive to buyers and boost the BRE code rating
  • Electric Infrared heating?  Healthier building fabric, lower installation costs, longer lasting and maintenance free.

We work with many different property developers, principle building contractors, commercial developers and more to ensure feasible measures match a project’s requirements. 

B-Line’s solutions for Developers

Our installations often work as a "carbon offset" for a project - to boost SAP scores, ensure Code is met or as a direct requirement of planning permission. More often than not we find a Solar PV or MVHR installation is more cost effective than the alternatives available.  Many developers now also believe Solar PV is understood by their buyers and therefore is an advantage over their competitors in assisting the sale decision, letting potential or adding value to the sale price.

MVHR is a requirement for many projects now, not just the Passivhaus and higher BREEAM code ratings properties.  We pride ourselves as being sympathetic to the project and design a system to suit the property’s needs.  See our case studies for some examples of our previous installations.

Electrical heating is often considered by the developer and is becoming a preference for many.  Our solutions offer all budgets effective heating with the peace of mind that it will be efficient for the eventual owner.

For more information on Solar PV, MVHR or Electrical Heating visit our services page

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Solar PV Installation

A developer’s edge on a competitive market. Now is the time to understand and use Solar PV. find out more >

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The perfect solution from accredited, experienced contractors find out more >

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Electrical Heating and Lighting

Electrical heating can transform properties with little to no visual impact and be more cost effective to install than the alternatives. Maximum control for the modern property.

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EV Charging Points

EV charging points can add value to your project and assist your SAP score. Commercial or domestic, our experience will ensure your projects have the correct installation for the future of the property find out more >

"My wife and I are completely satisfied with the installation and have no hesitation in strongly recommending the company."

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