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Battery Energy Storage for the Homeowner

Solar Energy you can use - anytime

Solar PV generates electricity from light.  The brighter the light on the Solar Panel, the more energy generated.  Unfortunately a large chunk of our electricity usage at home is often in the mornings and evenings when the solar panels are not producing optimum power or in the winter, any!  Combining an existing or new Solar PV system to Battery Storage gives the homeowner an answer to this common problem.  Any excess power can be stored in the batteries and then used later in the day or early the next morning.

Solar energy battery storage is fairly new to the UK market and so is treated tentatively by many as claims of "zero energy bills!" or poorly performing batteries make people ensure what to look for and when to buy.  B-Line Project Services are here to help!

With so many options available and multiple ways to connect battery and Solar PV we have taken some time to research and test the options available.  Unfortunatly what we found in many cases was a system or manufacturer

  We are not happy to provide the below options to all new and existing customers.