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Tesla Powerwall 2 Solar Storage - Authorised Resellers

Date: 8/1/2016

As with the original Tesla Powerwall, the Tesla Powerwall 2 solves one of the biggest problems of sustainable energy: while solar panels are great for collecting energy during the day, they’re not so good at night – but that’s when we tend to use electricity the most. The Powerwall 2 solve the problem by storing excess energy produced during the day and making it available for use at night.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 allows your home or business to maximize your use of sustainable energy. By charging from solar panels and making that energy available on demand, Tesla systems remove the variability from variable power sources.

B-Line Project Services are part of a small network of authorised installation partners or "Resellers".  We offer battery installation to new and existing customers for Solar PV systems around the South of the UK from March 2017 onwards.  With product and installation training done within the group of resellers we are proud to offer Tesla Powerwall 2 as another powerful solution to our range.  

Full specs of the Powerwall 2 are impressive:

  • Mounting: Wall or Floor Mounted, Indoor/Outdoor
  • Inverter: Fully integrated Tesla inverter
  • Energy: 14 kWh
  • Power: 5 kW continuous, 7 kW peak
  • Round Trip Efficiency: 89% for AC Powerwall, 91.8% for DC Powerwall
  • Operating Temperature Range: –20°C to 50°C (–4°F to 122°F)
  • Warranty: Unlimited cycles for up to 10 years
  • Dimensions: 1150 mm x 755 mm x 155 mm (45.3 in x 29.7 in x 6.1 in)
  • Weight: 122 kg (269 lbs)


See the video below for more information and Contact us to discuss your installation.