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The Electric Heating choice

Date: 9/22/2016

The decision towards using Electric Heating is becoming easier to make. With the cost of Fossil fuels continually rising, electric space heating technologies have advanced far beyond the uncontrollable night storage heater.  At this time of year as heating at home, workplaces, restaurants and hotels starts to be turned back on for the first time in months.  Many question is there not a better way to heat this building?

B-Line Project Services offer 2 distinctly different options for electric heating for a range of properties and uses. 

Dependant on the circumstances, we may advise from a range of solutions for different applications dependant on the building and occupants requirements.  We aim to provide a solution tailored to your needs and budget. Whether it be a quick fix replacement or a complete re-think of a building's space heating.  All solutions have been researched, tested and chosen for their advantages to the end user and suitability in each application.

To help understand the choice available and to best decide which option to pick for your property or project, we have collected information from some of the manufacturers of our preferred heaters. 

If you would like to discuss your property or a future project contact us today via email, our enquiry form or call us 01453 826740.






Herschel - Infrared heating

(from Hershel Infrared www.hershel-infrared.com)


There is a huge choice of heating systems on the market.  It’s difficult to comprehend the different pros and cons of each one and how they compare with traditional systems. Ultimately the primary consideration for property owners has to be affordability, and yet it is very difficult for the consumer to research and compare the total costs of all the various solutions available to them. If the purchase price of one solution looks attractive, perhaps its running costs are high. Or if running costs are low, perhaps purchase and installation costs are high, or perhaps the whole system only has a life expectancy of ten years or so. What are the cheapest heaters to run?


Rather than looking at individual costs in isolation, Herschel Infrared has reviewed all elements of the consumer’s purchase decision and created an annual Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) figure.


TCO is the figure consumers should be looking for, because it not only combines purchase cost, installation, running and maintenance costs, but it also factors in the eventual cost of replacement based on the life expectancy of each type of system.  We then annualise these figures (just like a business would do with any investment decision) to give you a truer picture of the total cost of owning that sort of heating system for each year of its life.



“Research shows that apart from A or B rated Gas Central Heating, Herschel Far Infrared has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any other major heating system – even beating new, low energy ‘eco’ solutions such as air source heat pumps by up to 20%, efficient digital electrical radiators by up to 40% and a staggering 50-60% on underfloor and electric night storage heaters”

Radiant heater - Herschel.jpg

Hershel Infrared Video

Haverland - Convection Heating

Convection Heating (from Haverland www.haverland.co.uk)

When you are looking for energy efficient electric radiators and a reliable electric heating system for your home or business you want only the very best. Electric heating transforms a living environment so it is important to get this crucial decision right first time. Get it wrong and you may be facing chilly days and sky high electric heating costs.

Welcome to Haverland. We specialise in energy efficient electric radiators for all applications that are great for your pocket and good for the environment. Choose from our vast range of electric heating solutions to suit all types of homes and businesses. Whether you are looking for designer electric radiators, electric patio heaters, electric towel rails or a complete electric central heating system we can help. With more than 40 years in the manufacture and sale of electric heating systems to more than 30 countries across the world, you can be confident you have made the right choice.

Haverland: energy efficient electric radiators you can rely on.


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