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EV charging point - In depth.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles and Charge Points.


The market for electric Vehicles has grown very quickly!  With it has come the start of an infrastructure for charging. Some of the EV owners and drivers will be you, your friend or employees.

Electric Vehicles save on personal fuel and other running costs, which can be easily calculated by following the link to this simple calculator below.

By installing EVCPs at work you call benefit from the charging available during the day.  Perhaps you could use EVCPs as an added benefit by offering them free or cheap electricity at work in order to charge their cars.

As the business owner, making EVs a viable option for your employees, they benefit from a lower rate of vehicle tax and vehicle running costs.


Electric vehicle owners could be your potential customers...

There are many car park spaces for EVCPs across the UK by all types of organisations to attract extra custom and make some added profit.

Installing EVCPs could become an additional benefit for customers and other visitors as well as an investment. For example, customers visiting a cafe or fast food outlet where they typically only spend between 30 minutes to 1 hour, may prefer a car park with a EVCP for charging.  this can be connected to an existing network of connection points and the charge costs you will benefit from.

EVCPs for public use, can be now be found on satnavs and on a charging point map websites or Apps. Promoting your business further.

Public relations benefits

Adding Electric powered cars or vans to your business (of course matching this with the charge points) at your premises will help your organisation to both achieve any published CSR goals (Corporate and Social Responsibility) and meet the criteria laid down by ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme), which company’s of a certain size have to comply with.



Energy easy drive savings calculator