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Understanding the Eligiblity

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) currently run a grant scheme through OLEV accredited installers.  The OLEV grant scheme sets out to reduce the cost of a home Chargepoint by upto £500, dependant on eligibility.  The OLEV grant covers the cost of both the Chargepoint and installation for all eligible Electric vehicles (EV) and Plug-in hybrids.

Am I eligible for an OLEV grant funded Chargepoint? Call us to find out?

  • You must have purchased your qualifying electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle since 1st April 2015.
  • Almost all fully electric or plug in hybrid vehicles are eligible.  To see the full list click here.
  • You must have off street parking, allocated to your property.
  • You must own or be the primary user of the eligible vehicle.
  • One Chargepoint per eligible vehicle, maximum two Chargepoints per household. 

We recommend you to read the full guidance document from OLEV to confirm your eligibility for a grant funded EV Chargepoint. - click here

Finally you must use an OLEV approved home Chargepoint installer - like us!

If you believe you are Eligible for an OLEV funded Chargepoint installation, contact us to arrange a visit.

Home Charging is faster, safer and a more convenient way to charge your vehicle.



*Save almost £1000 each year in fuel costs with a home Chargepoint over public charging networks.