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Herschel far infrared is completely changing the way we heat ourselves


Far infrared heating is a completely new and innovative way of heating your property such as your home, work space or public area. Using the latest technology you can have more control over how your property is heated. Far infrared is a discreet, easily mounted, more effective and efficient heating system saving you money and reducing your CO2 footprint.

How does Far infrared heating work?


Herschel far infrared heaters work by emitting long-wave infrared waves from the panel which penetrate the air and heat solid objects. The panels heat the surface area of solid objects which then radiate the heat back into the room and warm the air around them. This is completely the opposite of traditional heating systems which heat the air and not the objects. This makes far infrared heating more efficient because air does not retain heat as well as solid objects. The best way to describe the heat is like being in the sun on a cold winter’s day. If you like the warmth of the sun then you will love the feeling you get from your new far infrared heating system.

Far infrared radiant heat is 100% natural and is a completely safe and invisible form of energy that heats the surfaces of solid objects such as walls, ceilings, floors and even people. This is achieved by a process called conversion and means that no energy is lost by having to heat any of the surrounding air in the same way as conventional heating systems do.

Once the solid objects heat up, it starts to radiate heat back into the room effectively turning your whole room and all the objects and surfaces in the room into a  radiator. This gives a more consistent heat which warms up the whole room. When heating with Herschel far infrared heaters you rarely get cold spots as you do with traditional convection heating.  


10 reasons why you should change to Herschel far infrared:


1)      Far infrared is 100% natural

2)      Heats the fabric of the building and not the air

3)      Less damp and mould

4)      Greatly reduced energy use

5)      No maintenance or servicing

6)      CO2 free

7)      Immediate heat

8)      Good for people who suffer from asthma and allergies

9)      Easy to install  

10)    Cheaper to run 

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Why Herschel?


We renovated a property and added a conservatory. When we initially looked into a way to heat our conservatory, due to a lack of wall space to fit a conventional heater, we needed to find an alternative to conventional heating which is when after plenty of research we came to far infrared heating technology and Herschel. Far infrared seemed like an interesting new energy efficient technology which will save us money on our heating bill and could be easily installed, even onto the ceiling. We liked the fact it was a new technology and after researching the science behind it we were sold. The next step was to find a good manufacturer who we could trust which is when we came to find Herschel. After speaking to many far infrared heater manufacturers and researching the market, Herschel really stood out in terms of their superior product (others on the market looked very poorly made in comparison) and the service Herschel provide, especially in terms of advice and information. As you can see from the photo on the left, the Herschel heater looks great. After installing the far infrared heater we have never looked back and cannot recommend the heaters enough. 

Advanced control of heating - LightwaveRF

One of the best characteristics of the Herschel far infrared heaters is that they can be controlled via an app on your phone or tablet by adding a LightwaveRF electric switch. You can monitor the temperature and turn on the switch remotely from anywhere. This gives you greater control over the heating of your home by heating more intelligently, ultimately saving you money by heating the home when you want and where you want.

How does LightwaveRF work?


For each Herschel heater a LightwaveRF electric switch can be added. A LighwaveRF link is then added which is a central hub for the LightwaveRF switches which sends and receives radio commands between the heaters. The LightwaveRF link also links to your own broadband connection which allows you to control the heating via an app on your phone or tablet which you can download from the App store if you are on Apple and Google play if you are on Android. The LightwaveRF app is free to download and once it is installed you can control, monitor and schedule any of your heaters from anywhere.


Options available


There are many ways in which you can control your heating with LightwaveRF and a system can be designed to your preference. You do not necessarily need to have a LightwaveRF switch on each Herschel heater as you may prefer to have heating zones (i.e living room and different bedrooms) where groups of heaters are controlled instead of individually. 


Another option available is the LightwaveRF thermostat. With this you can control the temperature of the Herschel heaters. This gives you more options when heating your home, setting the temperature to how you like and from anywhere anytime.

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The range of heaters from Herschel


Herschel has the widest range of far infrared panel heaters available. All the heaters are slimline, sleek, stylish and energy efficient. The panels are suitable for any property type and can be used as a complete heating system or simply for heating individual areas. Suitable for any room including living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, conservatories, extensions, hallways and even outdoors.


The Herschel extensive range includes discreet white panels, mirrors, glass, picture panels and towel rails which can be easily combined for your own tastes and budget requirements. All of the panels are specially optimised for UK voltage and come with a factory fitted UK plug.


Choose from:


Inspire, The premium frameless range  

Select XL, The performance range of high quality frameless panels

Select, The popular standard range, offering all the benefits of far Infrared at great value. 


All of the panel ranges are fully tested by TÜV to GS, CE and international electrical Safety Standards.


Installation and supply only

We can design the perfect solution to your heating needs with Herschel heaters. Pick the panels you want and we can make sure your heating needs are fulfilled to the taste you desire.

Once you have picked which style panel you like and we have designed a system we can either install the panels for you or we can supply the panels for you to install. The installation is relatively straightforward and many prefer to order the panels from us to install themselves. 


Installation for supply only


We will provide you with a design based on the layout and size of your property and your heating requirements. With the design you can install the panels.


All the panels come with a UK style plug, so it is as easy as plug in and go. The panels all come with a frame on the back to attach them to and the panels will be no more than 20mm from the wall/ceiling. The heaters emit heat from the front of the panel and have reflective technology so no heat is lost out the back of the panels. 


The installation process is very quick and easy, simply mark and drill 4 holes to line up with the frame then insert wall plugs and screws. Tighten the screws and insert the screws into the frame mount on the reverse side of the panel and the panel is installed. 


We will provide you with more installation information if required and we are only a phone call away. 

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