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Understanding MVHR

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) is complete control over the environment inside you property or an area within a property through careful supply and extraction of air delivered by a centralised fan unit.  All fresh air is filtered and run through a heat exchanger so minimum unwanted airborne material is brought in and minimum heat loss from ventilation.

MVHR provides a continuous supply of fresh filtered air into the property and continuous extraction of the warm, damp, smelly or stale air.  The heat is recycled through a heat exchanger reducing heating costs.

Quite simply, without a MVHR installed highly energy efficient properties would not work!  

Only through MVHR, homes and offices can have dramatically improved air quality without the heat losses normally associated with other types of ventilation.

In Depth
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MVHR installation – Every property is different

Installation of an MVHR is key to the success of the system and often the success of the property.  For each project we must have a bespoke design to suit both the property and customer’s needs.   A well designed and installed MVHR system will make a property feel fresh and healthy all year long without anyone noticing it is running in the background. 

As BPEC accredited installers, we are qualified to design and install MVHR to the highest standards currently available.  From our wealth of experience we ensure all MVHR systems are skilfully installed and commissioned.  We take care to ensure our installation is completed as the best possible system. 

Click the links below for a more information MVHR – in depth or find out about Complete Installation Process from start to completion and maintenance.

Complete Installation Process

MVHR - Commissioning

MVHR Commissioning ensures that the installed whole house ventilation system is balanced and functioning correctly


This is a stand-alone service and is not reliant on B-Line Project Services having installed your MVHR system.

Further MVHR commissioning information
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"It seems to be surpassing my expectations and has earnt me back over £360.00 in FIT already even though I know that production will now start to reduce due to the change in season, daylight etc."

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