Future Renewable Smart Efficient

MVHR – Complete Installation Process

Step by step through our MVHR process with you

  1. Initial contact after an inquiry is generally within 24hours and includes an outline of the project.  As many of our installations are domestic new builds, the first step must include a copy the drawings for the project.  From this we can generally provide a rough estimate of cost for an installation to look to move forward.

  2.  Designing the system. As each MVHR installation is different, designing an installation can be fairly extensive and critical to be correct to the manufacturers as well customers and properties requirements.

  3. Quotation Order form – With the design proposal we provide a breakdown quotation and order form outlining how the order can proceed.

  4. Installation – Installation is often split into 2-3 phases, 1st fix and 2nd fix/commissioning.  As with many other building trades.  Setting out the installation before we start is very important, positioning the unit, outlets, manifolds and exterior apertures are all key to a functioning system.  We must be mindful of any bends or elbows in the duct work as well any other position for excess system pressure and system losses.  All connections are made using sealing rings and where necessary airtightness tape.

  5. Aftercare – We offer the option of a full aftercare package, again bespoke to the system.  This is due to the locality of a system and environmental impact on the filters and unit.  The system will need a minimum of maintenance that includes filter changes and cleaning.  How often is dependant the individual property and location.  We are happy, for example, if the home owner wishes to maintain the system their selves. 

Contact us if you wish to discuss an upcoming project for a quotation for your system or the aftercare of an existing system.