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MVHR - Commissioning

What is MVHR systems commissioning?


MVHR systems need to be commissioned in order to operate effectively and to ensure that the all rooms are ventilated correctly. An unbalanced system can substantially reduce the heat recovery rate.


We will ensure that the system is functioning at its optimum performance and check that all the components are correctly fitted in accordance with the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide 2010. Every MVHR system must be commissioned and balanced by a BPEC accredited engineer.  


MVHR commissioning involves adjusting the fan speed in line with the air valves to make sure the air flow is at its optimum. We take airflow readings using an anemometer, and carefully adjust each valve’s performance until we get the right flow rates. 


Commissioning and balancing of your MVHR system post installation is essential to be certain of adequate airflow throughout your property and compliance with Building Regulations.  


Please note, this is a stand-alone service and is not reliant on B-Line Project Services having installed your MVHR system.