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Step by step through our Solar PV process with you

  1. Initial contact after an inquiry is generally within 24hours and includes a quick look on google earth for general location to arrange a visit to site and feasibility of the project. 

  2. Survey - Solar PV, we believe, virtually always requires a site visit because of any potential shading.  How can you expect to know the systems expected performance without this built in?  

    We also take all our measurements (when applicable), discuss the specific location options and your current electrical usage. 

    When an EPC is applicable, this is when we would look to spot any potential issues to discuss with you.  

    Finally, this is good opportunity to quiz us if you have any questions on any of our services or products. 


    Designing the system. We pride ourselves on providing detailed design proposals to all potential customers. This includes accurate, real world, expected generation figures, shading losses, system losses and financial return figures.  

    As our systems are made up of high performance components we look to outperform “standard” expectations.  We design systems in all cases for optimum output using the highest quality Panels and inverters available.  This way we can be confident in our proposal for the lifetime of the system outperforming the alternatives. 

    We may follow up with a quick call to check you have received everything and if you have any questions.


    Quotation & Order form – With the design proposal we will also provide a breakdown quotation and order form outlining how the order can proceed. In brief, if you wish to proceed with our proposal we require a signed order form including a 50% advanced payment with a minimum 7 day “cooling off” period before installation.  This is generally seen as industry standard.

    (If we are nearing a FIT deadline and you are looking to get an installation done quickly before a deadline please bear this in mind.)


    Installation –Before we install the system we may require access equipment and an EPC to be completed. This is all included within the installation cost and you will be contacted directly from our Scaffolding partners and EPC assessor.  We find this helps the smooth running of the installation and ensures your needs are met.

    Installing Solar PV is generally fairly simply and can take as little as a day to install with our experienced installers. Quality in an installation comes from solid fixing to the structure, clear layout of the panels and inverter(s) amongst other things. 

    With SunPower and SolarEdge each panel is traceable to the owner (and position in the array!).  This means we test and log all panels and Optimisers prior to fitting.  This is also due to the monitoring portal, where you can see your system, panel by panel, performing in real time.

    With the monitoring portal set up and connected to your LAN or internet router you can see how the system is performing anytime of the day.  Understanding how your system performs in all conditions is key to the long term performance of your system.  


    Aftercare and warranties – Shortly after completion you will receive the Handover package for the system with all details on the components, system design and performance expectations. SunPower offer the best available warranties on their panels.  Due to the traceability and quality of the components, we have the upmost confidence meaning aftercare and panel maintenance is virtually non-existent. 
    With regards the inverters, SolarEdge offers a standard 12 year warranty on the inverter and 25 year on the optimisers.  With regards to aftercare the monitoring portal does a lot of the hard work for us.  SolarEdge have the ability to upgrade firmware within the inverter remotely and automatically notify us of any issues.  All this is free for the lifetime of the system. And again, virtually negates the need for a costly aftercare package.