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Basic information

The Government backed FIT (feed in Tariff) scheme was set up to “jump start” the renewable and Solar PV industries.  Clean renewablepower is ever more a requirement to meet energy demands and the UK needs to be part of it.

FIT payments are made through a FIT provider, generally an energy provider.  Once the system is installed and commissioned the new system is registered through ourselves on the MCS database.  The certificate generated from this registration is required to make a FIT application.

We will assist you in completing and importantly understanding the application process on completion of the installation.

FIT rates

FIT payments are paid in a set amount per KWh or unit generated.  The FIT rate is governed by the size of the system. The bands of FIT are below.  The smaller the system the higher the FIT rate. 

0 – 10 kWp

10 – 50 kWp

50 – 250 kWp

If you want to discuss the current FIT rates please call.

FIT payments

FIT payments are guaranteed to be paid for 20 years on a quarterly basis. The owner of the system reads the generation meter and is paid directly from this reading.  The majority of smaller systems (under 50kWp) also have an assumed export rate of 50%.  This simply means the FIT export rate that is in addition to the standard FIT rate is added to 50% of the meter reading.  Understanding this rule is a good way to maximise the benefits of solar PV.  If you can use as much of the power when it is available you will maximise the return on investment.

Larger systems have export meters and the export tariff is paid from this reading.