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Using Solar Power

Solar PV for consumption must be designed and installed relative to the electrical usage and future usage of the site.  Commercial and domestic, future energy usage will only be higher and in some cases - a lot higher!  When potential customers comes to us considering Solar PV they have a number of common reasons…

  • Higher usage. 

  • Higher costs as energy prices rise. 

  • Protecting themselves from higher costs and future proofing.

Our role is matching the electrical consumption to a suitable Solar PV installation and importantly, matching it to realistic cost.  Remembering the all-important future proofing aspect to a 20+ year energy generation system.

Solar energy is available from a Solar PV installation in basic terms instantaneously. When the sun is strongest the most Solar renewable energy is available. Any property with a Solar PV system on will use the solar energy first before we pay for grid electricity and top up when required from the mains. What about when there is too much solar electricity available? Traditionally the solar energy generated and not used is pushed back into the grid and effectively wasted. What about if we could use it later or for an alternative saving?

Below are the solutions we recommend...



Battery Storage

As the next big thing in “green” industries, Batteries in many forms are now available for all applications and property consumptions. By far the most common use for Solar PV & Battery Storage is grid connected to minimise mains power usage. The Battery aspect of the system picks up the property load when the solar energy is not capable and adds huge energy savings for the consumer. As an example, a 4kW domestic Solar PV system with Tesla PowerWall will cover 90% of the electrical usage in a property!

We offer 2 options of Battery Storage –

Tesla PowerWall (I & II)

    • Large Battery Storage solutions from the biggest manufacturer (and potentially best) in the business.

    • DC connected for simple installation - no need for prior consent from network operator.

    • Lithium battery packs and charge controllers just like the Tesla Cars, highly efficient and forward thinking.

    • B-Line project Services are proudly Authorised Installers for Tesla for retrofit or new installation for all homes and businesses.

    • Backup power solutions are also available with the Tesla PowerWall to cover off grid or power cuts.

Power Flow Sundial

    • Small units designed for UK retrofit market to cover base load.

    • Modular & expandable to suit the property loading.

    • AC connected - for any installation (affecting Solar PV system)

    • Lithium Iron Phosphate – safe reliable and long lasting.

Tesla Latest

Load controllers

Load controllers monitor the solar generation and consumption of a property and diverts any excess power to "user" in the property.  The most common application, Immersion heaters offers free hot water to a home or business (great for Diary Farmers!).

With an Immersion heater controller excess power previously wasted is stored in hot water, reducing Gas/Oil bills as well. In a domestic application we find a homeowner’s boiler is off all summer (no fossil fuel usage!). The output is often similar to that of a solar thermal system costing £3000+.

Other common uses of the excess power via power diverter is Electric Vehicle charging point, smart plugs for appliances, Towel rails and space heating such us Infrared.


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