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Reduce overheads and Carbon Footprint

At B-Line Project Services we offer a range of solutions reducing business operating costs, overheads and the carbon footprint. 

A Company does not need to own the premises it operate in to benefit from Solar PV, LED lighting, Efficient electric heating, heat recovery ventilation or Electric Vehicle Chargepoints. We deal with businesses that either invest themselves or their landlord gladly invests due to the incentives energy efficiency and eco solutions offer. All our services offer major incentives to businesses or all sizes and set ups.  If you are unsure how we can help - contact us today to discuss your options.

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Improving the company appearance and environment

B-Line Project Services offer solutions that can assist a company's day to day running in multiple ways.  Often our installation can be used as a marketing tool to proactive companies where by customers can see eco friendly investment.  In other cases simply improving the working environment with heating, lighting or ventilation can dramatically assist a business.

LED lighting and efficient electrical heating will reduce overheads from lessening energy bills,  LED lighting reduce lighting costs by 70+% a major prospect in warehousing or office space. They will also improve the working environment making an area brighter and safer.

These are a couple examples of the many positive benefits from B-Line's range of services to improve your business.

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Electric Vehicles - Commercial benefits

EV charging points will offer employees charging for their Electric cars or vans, but the real benefit is the Electric Vehicles are cheaper and greener to run than petrol or diesel vehicles, Tax incentives for employer and employee and another marketing opportunity!

Future proofing businesses from rising energy costs and improving the working environment from our range of solutions in the list below.  For example...  Solar PV and EV Chargepoints are some of the only tangible assets that reduces a business's carbon footprint and offers an opportunity for advertise green business thinking!

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B-Line for your business

B-Line Energy has over 25 years of experience working with businesses, with our emphasis on improvement - reducing overheads and lowering carbon footprint is a major part of that. Consider our range of services from the list below.

Most obvious - LED lighting will transform any office, workshop, hotel, shop and many more while reducing running costs by as much as 80%.  Our ranges of services are well suited in assisting any business premises to be efficient and therefore very affordable to run. 

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Solar PV Installation

Businesses around the country benefit from our superior Solar PV installations and maximise on the advantages of free power. >

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An MVHR installation can be applied to a range of business premises to improve the working environment and productivity of the occupiers. >

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Electrical Heating and Lighting

Heating and lighting are a large part of overheads with many businesses. Find out how to ensure the heat and light are efficient and effective. >

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EV Charging Points

Experienced, trained and qualified EV charging point installers for your commercial premises. Correctly understanding your exact requirements providing the solution. find out now >

"My wife and I are completely satisfied with the installation and have no hesitation in strongly recommending the company."

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